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so, my friend Caroline told me today that this is what i need to do: come up with a list of five "non-negotiables." five characteristics that i have to have in a significant other. this way, i can easily weed out people i don't want, and therefore don't waste my time. so, here they are:

1. they MUST be positive. i've tried being with a negative person and it totally drains me. i want someone happy.

2. i need someone who is educated/smart. i would prefer for them not to be in my field of study. i want someone who can teach me things i don't already know, someone i can learn from.

3. he need to be easygoing. i want someone who won't let one small bad thing ruin their day, someone who will go with the flow and not break down if things don't go their way. they also cannot get angry easily. i won't deal well with that.

4. he should be a good communicator. i want someone i can talk to, who i won't be afraid to be honest with. someone who will actually listen to me.

5. i need someone who has a life. i don't want to be someone's whole world. gag me. he should have friends! and a good family! people who are important to his life.

so, yeah. that's that.