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yesterday was fun...

camron came to jr. pro to see me, & it was boring of course but sort of a little bit exciting just because he was there. he sat me down on his lap & all i could say was "i could kill you, & i really don't wanna do that" & he would say you really need to stop worrying about that stuff.

i like how he'd hold my hand as we walked through the mall, swinging our arms. it amused me.

"what do you want for christmas?"
"i don't know," i said, because i don't. "what about you?"
"a kiss. i want a special kiss."

we watched the james bond movie, which i didn;t quite understand. he kept his hand on my knee or my thigh throughout it, though, it was nice.

before he dropped me off, we went to his dad's house to get microsoft word cds. his dad wasn't home yet though, so we walked around the house looking for a way to get in. when he couldn't find a key or unlocked door, he came up to me & just kissed me, picked me up & spun around & then we went back to the truck, where it was warmer.

he moved everything down the floor board & brought his face closer to mine. he spun me around to where my head was on his lap & said, "you must've really made out with those other two guys. you're a good kisser." "is that so?" i asked. he kissed me again & replied "yes".

we did that for a little bit. i like his hands in my hair, it feels nice. QUESTION: what the hell do you do when someone kisses your neck?! ahh, hell if i know, man.

we got the cds & then went to my house, to the basement. he stepped closer to me & kissed me again. he was leaning up against the column first, but eventually it was me. he'd push up against me, & it felt good... his hands would run all over my back & my stomach, up my shirt. sometimes he would leave his hands on my stomach & i'd stop to pull my shirt down because i'd be embarassed & he'd just go, "what? i like it." then they would travel down to my butt & i'd stop him & tell him no & he would laugh & say "can you blame me?" but after awhile i guess i didn't really mind so much because i'd let him... kissing him is fun.

i like this whole having a boyfriend thing. it's kind of nifty.